Global Monitoring

Multimedia Options

Connecting with the outer world, or simply providing enjoyment: technology is also about pleasure. Eikon can guarantee exceptional multimedia performance via an extensive and superlative sound system, a wide range of inputs for data, sound, video and USB, and compatibility with iPod, iPhone and mp3 devices.

Easy-to-surf technology used to control the different parts of the home, setting scenarios, adjusting the temperature, managing lighting and autimated devices in each one.



3-Module Touch Screen

Docking Station

Anthracite Grey

Eikon Tactil device for sound system


Universal Installation System


Wherever in the world you may be, Eikon can provide plugs and sockets for every standard, and commands and switch plates offering various kinds of modular system: this means you can design, organize and manage energy with equal ease in over 100 nations across the world.



Foreign Standard sockets


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