An Elegant Welcome


Remote communication





The control unit, the heart of the system, allows different functions to communication between each other. With By-me you can manage scene, intrusion detection, climate, energy savings and video entry, immediately, inuitively and above all very easily.

An elegant welcome. Video entry panels in two solutions: stainless steel or bronze, both brushed and shiny

Intercom. two-way communication at the touch of a button

Remote communication. The Vimar application allo0ws you to edit and control functions from your PC, tablet and mobile phone.

Local Supervision

Scene activation

Energy Saving


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Control and energy saving


Control and energy saving
The sophisticated colour touch screen allows you to easily supervise the whole of yourhome automation system. Simply touch the display to quickly and easily surf through the whole house.

Local supervision. Control the lighting, temperature and scene of the room you are in at the touch of a button

Scene activation. Lights, climate and automation systems are all activated at the touch of one single button

Energy saving. Manages all the connected charges, avoiding black outs and excessive consumption : this way savings are guaranteed